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Vision and Values   


(Witness, Welcome, Worship)


The church’s vision is to love God, through a relationship with Jesus, and to love all people because everyone is made in the image of God.


The church seeks to do this in the context of, and going from, Rowheath Pavilion by


Sharing in word and action the message and life of Jesus who is the hope for the world.
Living as an inclusive community where everyone is welcome and hospitality is offered.
Displaying a generous spirit so that the community experiences the heart of God.
Standing up for social justice and creating social transformation
Celebrating God’s gift to humanity of leisure, play and the enjoyment of community life


The church exists as a place that desires to bless the communities we all belong to with the love of God. We seek to do this by serving and supporting the purposes of Jesus who is the foundation and cornerstone of life for all. With the help, creativity, inspiration and presence of the Holy Spirit we desire to share the values above so that people may discover the heart of God’s love.