Sermon Notes 

Please find below sermon notes. This can be used in life groups, or when listening to a sermon online.

  • 15th January 2017: A letter to the church in the style of the 7 letters of Revelation:

Dear Pavilion,

I’ve heard of your welcome, how all ages find a place with you, and your desire to continue to grow into a place where Jesus is known more and more.  I thank God for you.  I pray that you don’t just continue in the known established ways of serving and belonging this coming year – but that you might know more and more who God is, centre of life and centre of all you do.  May you follow after Him – hearing his still voice clearly as he calls you to love.   Our God is a safe God but he also is a dangerous and risky God.  He offers you comfort and belonging but he also asks for your life.  Your whole life.  He is the King, the Victorious one, the Chief creator and sustainer of all things –He longs to be known more by you, and more by your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family.  He will help you, His spirit is alive and goes before you, with you, after you. May you be known by your every strengthening faith and your deep love for one another.  May you be known for your servanthood witness.  May you be known as people deeply loved by God.