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Rowheath Pavilion


Rowheath Pavilion is a bustling community centre in the heart of Bournville striving to offer as much as possible to our local community living in Bournville, Kings Norton, Stirchley, Cotteridge and the other surrounding areas. With a thriving community café, children’s playground and a community bar, Rowheath Pavilion is the perfect place to relax and have fun with friends and family.

Rowheath Pavilion is managed by the Trinity Christian Centre, which is a trust that was established by the Rowheath Pavilion Church - a local church who meet here on a Sunday morning. As well as the weekly service, Rowheath Pavilion Church holds many activities here, provides volunteers to help in the running of the centre and appoints the trustees who oversee the work of the trust.

Rowheath Pavilion also hosts various community groups, weddings, parties, funerals, a theology college, 30+ sports teams, farmers’ markets, events and more.

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