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Purpose and Mission

We are a member of the Fellowship of Churches of Christ ( We are keen to work with other local churches through Birmingham Churches Together (

Five aspects of our community are important to us:


We are thankful to God for his love and forgiveness to us and we express this through our worship. Part of this is shown by the words and music that is shared at our Sunday services. Throughout the week we want every part of our lives to be an act of worship to God.


A disciple is literally a 'learner' - someone who, having turned to Christ, continues to grow and mature in their faith. At Pavilion we are united on our journey to learn more about following Jesus. We aim to help each other to grow as Christians through a balanced program of Bible teaching, service, nurture and prayer.


We believe God has created us for relationship with Him and with each other. This is expressed in Life Groups, pastoral care, and a variety of other activities are ways of growing together as members of the body of Christ. Above all, we want to be an inclusive community in which everyone is loved and valued. 


The church is not simply a spiritual ‘club’ but has an outward focus. We love to support and serve the community outside the church. As Christians we want to share the good news of Jesus with those around us in our local area, nationally and internationally. This is usually achieved through our passionate commitment to social projects.


At Pavilion everyone is encouraged to serve and support the life of the church. Whatever gifts or abilities we have, the Bible says we should use them! We are to use our gifts to build the church and to show God’s grace in the world.