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Church is not closed! We're just doing things differently 

Church is still open, but we are doing things slightly differently! 
Like many places our building is closed but the church is not about a building it is about the people and we are finding ways to connect with the community to serve and support during this time of isolation and physical distancing. 
The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting us all in ways we could hardly imagine and so we are  existing as church in new ways that mean we have to re-design nearly every aspect of church life. This takes getting used to and is both daunting and exciting. 
As a church we have a vision to love God and love people and that is needed now more than ever. As we adapt and adjust to changes in the way things are done we know that none of us our perfect. It takes time to build community, support one another and reach out to our neighbours and friends but we're committed to doing just that. 
Take a look at the pages of this website and explore the ways in which you can connect and take part in all that the church is doing. 
We are excited to go deeper in our relationship to God and to one another and whilst our circumstances have changed God is still the same yesterday, today and forever. 
May you experience God's presence and peace during this time