Trialing two morning services

During the month of February the church will be trialing two morning services. This decision comes after lots of discussion and prayer and during part of the process, which began a year ago, we said we would spend some time experimenting a trial of two services. 

So, the format will be as follows..

Dates - Sunday 5th, 12, 19th and 26th Feb 2017

First Service - 9:00am until 10:00am

There is no children's or youth work at this service. It will have the same reading and sermon as the later service. There will be communion. Music style will be similar but have a more reflective feel, possibly drawing upon Taize, Celtic & Northumbria spirituality. Coffee will be offered after the service ends. The room will be set up the same way as now, possibly with fewer chairs on the side. 

Coffee/Tea - 10:00am until 10:30am

Second service - 10:45am until 12:00pm

Children's and youth work will be provided for. The service will end by 12:00pm (the same time as now). Preaching will be kept to 20 minutes. The same reading and sermon as first service. Style of worship similar to now - more focus on prayer/ministry as a response to word & sacrament. 

Coffee/tea - 12:00-12:45

Two Elders, Roy Baylis and Lynda Robinson, have been designated as the lead people to receive feedback and comments which they will receive during this trial in February. 

Do think about which service you will attend. You can of course attend both! You may also like to take the opportunity to invite someone.